Monday, June 16, 2014

Thanks for the Tears

This post might change a little bit of your perception about me.
Again, but don't worry, this is not something I expose too often.
I'm still gonna be your cool guy who loves Pitbull. And a bit of Liverpool.
With the hobby of traveling. And watching Disney classics over and over again.
Okay that doesn't help. Or does it?

Okay so me and Naruto.

It's nothing big, c'mon. I'm not that freak about the anime. It's not like I bought the konoha headband, learn their jutsu sign, run the way they run -oh for God's sake if you ever see me doing that on a daily basis, not because I'm joking or mocking someone, please, be my guest, hit me hit me hard, and dream of being a Hokage lol please, no. It's just because I simply adore the storyline. And the characters. And how I want to learn Japanese so bad, that's all.

Although, sometimes, I got a little bit too carried away.

Like when Asuma sensei died. Or Jiraiya died. Or Sasuke finally knew about Itachi's real story. Shit man, the creator's playing with my emotion--I LOVE YOU! Also when I found out long ago that in the comic, Neji died too.

Damn. Neji. My favorite.
A member of my all-time favorite team.

But life must go on. I kept on watching the anime. Until today, the scene I've been expecting for, came to my iPad screen. I've been prepared for the last episodes because on the opening song, there's this hint of his death. Causing Naruto shocked. And Hinata trembled in tears. So ya, I'm prepared to see his death.

His death okay.
Not the everyone else's death.
Which happened on the same fvckin episode.

Shikaku, Inoichi, Ao, Mabui and every single ninja in the headquarter, was killed with only one attack. I mean, it's the HQ. A place where it should've been the safest of all. But still they got killed.

What broke my heart is not because of the characters who died. But the scene where they knew that the lethal attack was aimed for them. And they acted calm for the sake of finishing their last duty. Until death came. And it brought shock to Shikamaru and Ino who were on the battle field. Tears came down. On their faces, also mine.

I mean, oh Lord, those kinds of scene, I can never stand watching. Like what happened in Toy Story 3. When all Andy's toys are sliding to the combustion on the dumpster. They knew that the end of their life is before their very own eyes. And they couldn't do anything but, holding hands...

Why would you do that, creators of anime and cartoons, why??
You animations should bring joy to the watchers, not tears...

But after all...


Life's always full of joy.
And tears. Shocks. Deaths.

So ya maybe that's what animations are for.
To keep remembering us about all aspects in life.
Well if that's the case so... Thank you all, died shinobis.

And rest in peace

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