Saturday, June 28, 2014

World Cup 2014 First Half

The 20th World Cup's group stage had over.
It's only one hour left to the next round's kick off.

The knock out round.

So far the cup has served very entertaining games. So many hell-based groups, underdog teams gone wild, big ones returned home, many surprising stuff happened only on the first round of the tournament. You guys of course knew everything about what happened in Brazil, but then I just don't want to forget the moment so I'm gonna recall anyway. I have summarized some of surprising moments happened in this World Cup that according to me personally, were mind-blowing. And here they are.

1. Spain was the first going home
The defending champion, the last one standing on the previous cup, the last one going home from South Africa, had to be declared as the FIRST TEAM eliminated from Brazil. Even before Cameroon and Australia -whom to me, gave more fight than Spain did. I knew this would eventually happened to Spain, they're just too overwhelmed. But still, lol, I never expect them to be the very first one leaving.

2. Costa Rica survived one of the hells
This was totally unexpected. People kept saying that Group D was hell. For three of the previous champions, to one another. Leaving Costa Rica as the underdog, shouldn't be given shit about. But then everything's flipped. Group D was literally hell, but the hell itself was Costa Rica. Who won two matches and one draw. Being the champ of the group, giving dusts to the remaining three. I seriously can't wait for what happen next.

3. Ghana tied Germany, USA tied Portugal
No doubt, the second set of Group G matches were the best games. I mean, Ghana who lost to USA, could have a draw match against Germany and USA who eventually lost against Germany, could have a draw match against Portugal. To make it better, their draw matches were not such no-goal matches. Both ended 2 against 2, with very dramatic scenes and stuff!

4. Algeria qualified to the next round
Out of all the underdogs succeeding to enter the round of 16, I might say that Algeria's the one people had been taken granted of. They're like, the underdog's underdog. And this is literally their first time ever, entering the knock out round of the World Cup. Oh Allah they're so becoming my fave team, seriously. But next one will be against Germany. I'll give some money for charity if Algeria can beat them :)

5. What else but... Luis Suarez
I was surprised about the biting incident. I was surprised about how actually foolish he was, acting all plain dumb like Chiellini would say nor complain nothing. I was surprised that the punishment given to him, the ban of total 4 months of all football-related activity, plus 9 international matches, was the biggest and the harshest FIFA had ever granted so far. But what I was surprised the most was, the fact that I'm not the only one, even not the only Liverpudlian, that hate Luis Suarez's overall attitude.

Skill-wise, he's definitely one extraordinary football player ever born. But behavior-wise, he's below scum. I never liked how dirty he always plays. Even if it gives benefit for Liverpool. He's just plain filthy. And I was more than happy to see him punished that hard. He. Just. Deserves. It. And I. Hate. Him.

And Back to his game versus England, it was actually hurting. Because Suarez was in there, stripping his fellow Liverpool's honors, scoring both goals, and on top of that, what pissed me off the most, he came to Captain Gerrard and cheered him up like there was nothing happened. I mean, what the hell??  If only somebody else scored the goals, what he did was really respecting. But he was the one crushing them!! That act was seriously offensive to me. So now following his punishment, I personally would love to say "EAT THAT BAN!"

Okay that last one was purely personal.
I'm a little bit too carried away about him.
So I guess I'm done now. Brazil vs Chile next.
Bem-vindo, segunda rodada

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