Monday, June 30, 2014

You're Not Lost

Hey readers, sup?

Well umm... I think I'm going to apologize
That lately, everything's all about football.

Seriously I can't control myself on this. Exactly three hours before the kick off I doubted myself if I still have my desire to watch the Cup or not. But you see what came next? Tons of smart-ass talkings about football crowded my blog. Consecutively. And I even have like three unwritten topics that'll be released when the time's right.

Okay so what I'm going to say now is, that you're still on my blog, buddy. I'm the same guy who writes about dumb stuff, but happen to be on the euphoria of busy-ing myself with football. It's just, I'm crafting something for my future me to read back soon. Like in a year or two, I want to re-feel Brazil, yes, that's when these football-analyst-like posts will be browsed again.

I'm bringing this up because I'm on this level where my blog could possibly be visited by my future employer. You know, I graduated, it's time to work like a real professional, so I sent away tons of applications and this blog is like my portfolio to convince them how lustful -and good- I am in writing. In English.

So yes, my future bosses, my soon-to-be co-workers,
You're now on the blog the address I put in my resume.
I'm here, if you need a help :)

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