Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finding Excitação

Four years ago today,

The biggest once-in-four-years sport event took place
And the whole world was like excited as hell. So was I.

This year,

Four years after the last once-in-four-years sport event took place,
Is about to start soon. The whole world was like excited as hell but umm.

I'm not.

I don't know what's wrong. With the euphoria. With me.
The World Cup has always been, and should be something I can't ever deny.

I remembered my first World Cup ever. 2002. Korea Japan. I called for Italy. Not a good start for my newborn euphoria, Italy was stopped by South Korea in the second round. I was so damn pissed off I swear I swore South Korea so many times since after. Ya I was an immature and knew nothing much about football. But after all I enjoyed the whole cup.

Then my second World Cup. 2006. Germany. I called for Brazil. It was a very emotional path for us -me and Brazil. Especially when Brazil was beaten by France. I cried of a heartbreak. But I moved on. The cup changed my whole perception about football. I started to be a football fan for the next one year. Bought sport papers, stayed up late for matches, I was a fanboy. Of AC Milan, of Kaka. Ya that couple of year was like my adoration reigm towards him. Thanks to WC 2006. Surely the best cup ever.

My last cup, 2010. South Africa. I called for Spain. Was a smooth cup because my team played well. I supported them like I know everything, like Spain was my nation. Tons of blog posts were made, gazillions of tweets were shared, not only for Spain, but for everything about the cup. Until I realize I can't just like football during and along the euphoria of World Cup. I needed to have my favorite football team. That I like completely, not because of some certain player I idolize. That was when I started to be a Liverpudlian.

But as you might notice.
Recently I forgot about Liverpool.
That's acceptable because that's what I am.
But losing interest towards The World Cup, well...
Something is wrong with me, and I don't know why.

Three hours away before the first kick-off.
I haven't posted anything about World Cup 2014.
I haven't stated any of my excitement towards the cup.
I haven't even decided which team to be fvckin supported!
And for God's sake it's Pitbull who's singing the primary anthem!

Que está errado, Vick?!

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