Sunday, June 15, 2014

Trust in Three

Time went by too fast, don't you think?

After yesterday I decided to call England for this World Cup, last night they played. Against Italy. And lost. Time did go fast. But that doesn't mean that I'm doubting my choice. Instead, after last night I got pretty sure that I'm supporting the right one.

You know that I recently lost contact in any updates about soccer world, yes? And that's why I didn't know many things about who's called and who's not, to play in Brazil. So I just happened to know the squad of England, yesterday.

And I just realized that their main fortress, is

I knew how well he's been performing with Manchester City. To be honest I can't even mention who else in England is good in goal keeping. I wanna say Chelsea's Petr Cech, but then he's not British. Seeing Hart's name on the list, it seriously gave me tons of relief before the game started.

And then there were Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, old names ya I believed they'd do their best. But when there's these three names appeared, names I knew well and heard often from the Premier League, but I was pretty sure that they never played for World Cup, I swear it boosted my confident.

The Queen's three knights, I'd consider them as The Real Three Lions.
Raheem Sterling, Danny Welbeck and Daniel Sturridge

O yeah, I'm sure they'll give the best show. England as a whole, with the help of these three stallions. And for last night's game, they seriously performed way better than my expectation towards England. My brother and I agreed that they played like they're possessed with some weird yet powerful phantom.

Although they eventually lost the game. But I don't care, there are two games left to go. Balotelli's goal wasn't impressive enough anyway. And many people even claimed that Italy played dirty but hey, I don't want to find any excuses. Lost is lost but that doesn't necessarily mean that England's as lousy as they usually are.

Spain lost their first game in South Africa.
And they came out to be the world's champion.
Too early to lose hope, England

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