Monday, June 23, 2014

Insanely Crazy

Let me teach you guys a word.

It's my language, famous, can be used in either formal or informal situation, male or female, young or old, it just suits everyone. The Indonesian term of "crazy",

"G I L A"

And why would I bring this up? Because yesterday's Germany vs Ghana, and just now's USA vs Portugal, are simply crazy ass matches.

Klose, Nani, Howard and Muntari

Both ended up draw.
Both gave us four goals.

Unfortunately when Germany and Ghana played, it was 2 fvcking AM here in Indonesia so... No, I woke up, I did! But I kind of missed most of the nerve-wrecking moments. Don't worry I got to see Miroslav Klose's dramatic and world record-breaking goal. He's insane.

Now for US and Portugal, I didn't plan to miss it.

I think I've told you about me being totally supportive to whoever performing a match against Portugal, haven't I? And since it's also gonna be my second home -amen o Lord- so, I was with the US. But waking up in the minute of 10, which Nani's goal had already been made, I was like "okay, no hope from the US."

But Tim Howard showed me the other way. He really played well, made many important saves, that first goal was just unfortunate. I didn't expect him and the whole US squad to be that strong and tough. They attacked fiercely, and defended consistently at the same time.

Then Jermaine Jones scored. One of rare beautiful goals I ever seen so far.
And Clint Dempsey rocketed everybody's expectations toward the US.

Since after their second goal -their supposed-to-be-offside goal, Uncle Sam's boys started to play defensive. And lol they committed so many insignificant substitutions. Their supporters are practically everywhere, screaming in satisfaction. They were basically, and supposedly, winning.

But the match, as you all knew, ended up draw.
Varela scored in the very last seconds of the match.


Aside of how much I hate Ronaldo -that affected to how I also hate Portugal, I must admit that the last goal was the actual climax. Feel like orgasm watching the game ended that way.

But still, to me, US won the game.
Another underdog came unleashed.

Just as I expected.

Wow. Again.
Group G, more like
... Group Gila!

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