Monday, June 9, 2014

From Feather to Feather

All my life, I've been exposed to so many cartoon characters.
And been in love with so many of them, like literally, many.

I liked certain things on some certain ages. But then after some time, I began to stop adoring them and started to idolize something else that was more related to my current age. Adoration comes and goes, adoration comes and goes. It's just like love, comes and goes.

But there's this guy.
Back on my early ages,
He appeared and stole my heart.

And there's nothing that could stop me from loving him. Because he's just like me. He's hotheaded, he swears a lot, freaking selfish, tends to be the sidekick, but loved. I forgot when was exactly the time I started realizing that we're actually two birds of a feather, flocked together. He's so me.

Yea there's just nothing that could stop me from loving him.
Because he's been my favorite since, oh, God knows for how long.

And this date, 80 years ago,
He hit the screen for the first time.
Which means today, is his birthday.

And I can't help but dedicating this post to wish myself a very happy birthday :)

Here's for the old Donald, and here's for the new one.

Long live to you,
Donald Fautleroy Duck.
Always be by children's side,
And by my side as well.

P.S. : Did I just say, "wish myself a very happy birthday"???

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