Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Despedida, Matey!

So the World Cup is finishing its group stage.

We knew several teams were kicked out early. But last night was like the official-est time for those losing teams to say goodbye to Brazil.

To be honest, I never felt this much entertained only by watching the very first round of the cup. There were too many un-favorited squads, turned out to be crazy good. On the other hand there were also top teams who umm, ended up unsatisfying.

As for those teams I cherished, I'm going to craft posts as my sign of dedication and salutation to your entertaining games. Also being my farewell to you, and your other group-mate.

This one, is for

Australia & Spain
Group B

Last (night's) game. Pic's from here.

Australia was the one I had my hats off. They've been playing good, actually. Especially against the Dutch. Their quick revenge goal and their first ever leading moment when they were one goal ahead from Netherlands, it showed much about their true ability. It's just, the last two goals made by Persie and the other guy -I forgot, caused too much pain in their asses.

While Spain, yaaaaa, I never planned to go for them since the beginning anyway. I knew they'd make mistakes. The same squad with World Cup 2010, the over-amount of stars, it was just... Too much. Get a grip, ex-champ, you held too much pride and arrogance. Time to start over.

Nice games. Both of you.
Really entertaining, Australia.
And enough being on top, Spain.

I'll see you guys in four years from now
With more of my smart-ass critics and stuff.

G'day, Amigo!

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